Castles in Paradise, Vieux Fort, St Lucia



Castles in Paradise is the ideal base from which to explore beautiful St Lucia. Snorkel over the reefs, hike through the rainforest or just relax on one of the many beaches.

Beautiful Beaches

From the dramatic beaches of the east coast to the quiet, secluded stretches of white sand on the west coast, St Lucia is blessed with an abundance of beautiful beaches. The closest beach to Castles in Paraidise is Anse de Sables which is just a few minutes away and considered to be one of St Lucia's best beaches. But, why not use Castles in Paradise as a base to explore some of the island's other beautiful beaches - they are all open to the public.

Colourful Reefs

The warm waters around St Lucia are teeming with colourful marine life and fascinating coral reefs. In many locations, the reefs lie just off shore in shallow waters which are perfect for snorkeling. There are also numerous dive sites ideal for scuba diving, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

Breathtaking Rainforest & Waterfalls

St Lucia's landscape is dramatic and diverse. Soaring nearly 750m up from the sea, the majestic Pitons are a pair of magnificent volcanic spires located near the town of Soufriere. Together Gros Piton and the slightly smaller Petit Piton are a World Heritage Site and surrounded by tropical rainforest. Climbing the Pitons is an unforgettable experience, but, if you prefer to take it easy, enjoy the view of these twin peaks from the beach. While you are near Soufriere, why not take a look at the breathtaking Diamond Waterfalls and relax in the hot mineral springs in the botanical gardens? The sulphur springs are another must-visit site. Located in a park at the Caribbean's only drive-in volcano, you can cover yourself in mud and bathe in the soothing water of the hot spring.

World-Class Events

Several major cultural events are held in St Lucia each year. The most famous of these is the St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival that takes place each April/May. This 12 day festival has attracted world renowned stars including Santana, Lauryn Hill, Luther Vandross and Mary J Blige among many others. Don't miss it!